Message from the Founder

"In this company we have placed our hearts and souls into the future of technological advancement. With our corporation's recent acquisition of International Genetics Incorporated, combined with decades of research and development, the future of PatelCorp has never looked brighter."

Last public statement by founder Dr. Sandeep Patel shortly before his passing, November 21, 2005.


  • McQuinley resigns from board as CFO

    It is with our regret that PatelCorp CFO Michael McQuinley has resigned from his post following the company's recent profit loss in Q3 of 2010.

    PatelCorp assures investors that a new CFO will be hired in due course and finances for the interim will be appropriately handled by the board of directors.

  • CEO Rajesh Patel looks to the future

    "PatelCorp's investment in genetic technologies was a great risk my father was willing to take for the expansion of his company."

    "Our corporation's experience in construction and security puts us in a unique position to carry forth a dream perceived by many as impossible. The time is now, and we will deliver."

  • Costa Rica project

    PatelCorp are excited to announce Phase One of their project in Costa Rica with approval from both the United States and Costa Rican Governments after four years of negotiations.

    Further news regarding the development of this project will be shared in due course. For more information refer to Projects above.